1-Flight Status:

Data connected with DGCA.

2-Visa Services

Entry visa for GCC residents to the state of Kuwait

On the instructions of the Directorate General of Immigration Affairs of the Ministry of the Interior, it was decided to allow the residents of the GCC States (except Iraqi citizenship and holders of Palestinian Authority passports) to enter the country and to grant them a tourist entry from the airport visa barrier valid for temporary stays of three months after ascertaining The following conditions are available:

  • The Arrival profession should be one of the professions mentioned below:

(physicians, Pharmacists, lawyers, engineers, counsellors, judges, prosecutors, academics, journalists and media professionals, pilots, systems analysts, computer programmers, managers, businessmen, members of the diplomatic corps, Owners, directors and delegates of companies and business enterprises).

  • Not to be a travel document holders or a traffic tickets of all kinds.
  • Have passports and accommodations of at least six months in one of the GCC States.
  • To have no security restrictions in the State of Kuwait that would prevent them from entering or exiting.
  • The arrivals tickets should be arrival and return ticket also.
  • The visa application at the airport visa barrier specifies the address of his residence in Kuwait.
  • Completion of planned fees.

-The wife and children of the above-mentioned groups are allowed to enter the country provided that there is a residence on his bail in addition to the conditions mentioned above.

On arrival Visa,

 On the instructions of the Directorate General of Immigration Affairs of the Ministry of the Interior, it is decided to grant citizens of 52 states upon arrival through the border gates without requiring the guarantor or filling of the form, and to register the data on the computer with all the requirements of facilitating entry procedures if The following conditions are available:-

  • To be the arrivals of tickets (return).
  • The competent authorities shall have the right to make a reservation and to refuse entry to any person in the State of Kuwait without giving any explanation.
  • To have no security restrictions on them in the State of Kuwait that would prevent them from entering or exiting in the country
  • Carry a valid passport of more than six months.
  • Have a passport, not an urgent travel document, an emergency or temporary passport, a laissez-passer or a passport for refugees.
  • Passengers should submit their fingerprint.
  • Document the entry traffic and place the visa number above the Passport entry stamp.
  • Nationals of States that may be granted an entry feature directly from the port:
  • United States of America – Britain – France – Italy – Germany – Canada – Australia – New Zealand – Japan – Netherlands – Belgium – Luxembourg – Switzerland – Austria – Sweden – Norway – Denmark – Portugal – Greece – Ireland-Finland – Spain – Monaco – Vatican – Iceland – Andorra – San Marino – Liechtenstein – Brunei – Singapore – Malaysia – Hong Kong – South Korea-Bhutan-Poland-Georgia-Viet Nam-Slovenia-Estonia-Czech Republic-Turkey-Bulgaria-Romania-Cyprus-Suzland-Slovakia-Cambodia-Latvia-Laos-Lithuania-Malta-Hungary

3-Passport Control

Passport Counters, which are available in the arrivals lounge and through which passports and passes to the transit and customs lounge are inspected for the luggage of travel

4-Hospitality Services

– For services provided upon arrival:-

  • Assistance by Customer service staff from the access gates and provide fast track services through the customer office through immigration outlets and help with the speed of luggage collection.
  • Assistance with visa procedures upon arrival.

-Maraheb services:

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