1-Flight Status:

Data connected with DGCA.

2-Passenger luggage:

A passenger baggage service is available as follows:

A-Departing: From front of the terminal bridge, departing into the departing lounge at the weight barrier of passengers’ luggage.

B-Arrivals: Inside customs lounge and even till parking outside the airport building.

-type of vehicle and service price:

  • Large carts with a maximum of eight pieces per cart in the arrivals lounge for (1,000 d. k) only one dinar.
  • Small carts in the lounge of the arrivals up to a maximum of four pieces per cart if the worker is employed (500 fils) Five hundred fils.
  • The passenger has the right to use a small-sized cart without a worker free of charge.
  • The company responsible for the luggage services should provide a receipt for each passenger use baggage service with the worker, and if the receipt is not disbursed by the company, a violation for the company is released.
  • If the luggage worker requests additional fees, the company should violated him for the first time, and when the violation is repeated from the same worker, the worker is excluded from work within the airport
3-General Instructure:

A-Confirm applying all government travel requirements to the countries you wish to visit.

B-Make sure you have a valid entry visa that allows you to enter the country you have chosen to visit.

C-If you arrive at the hotel agreed by the Travel and Tourism office and inform you by the hotel’s management that they do not have a booking in your name, you must obtain this in writing from the hotel’s management and place the hotel seal on it. To review the office that made the booking or to enhance your claim to the competent authorities.

D-Make sure you keep all travel documents (voucher + contract + tickets) to guarantee all your rights.

E-The large number of accompanying travelers and receivers of travelers would result in congestion in the airport halls and thus disrupt the equipment in the airports.

F-If you have any problems with your travels at Terminal 4, please do not hesitate to review the airport alternate supervisor of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation for the necessary action.

G-The airport is a civilized front for the country so maintaining the airport facilities is a civilized behavior and a national duty.

H-Standing regularly to finish the travel procedures helps you complete them as fast as possible.

I-Proper use of cargo carts to ensure that they are preserved.

J-Make sure you stand in front of the weight barrier for the trip you will travel on.

K-When you see strange things or unaccompanied luggage at the airport facility, be sure to report it to the security personnel.

4-Passport Control:

Passports control Counters, which are available in the departing lounge and through which the passports and passes to the gates are inspected